Do you know the best place to hide a body? The second page of google search results. Cause nobody ever goes there! All the action happens at the top results of the first page. That's why companies hire experts who know the ins and outs of Google search engines to optimize their websites and boost them to the top.

Do you want your customers to easily find you online? Then this SEO group course will teach you what you need!

In this course you will learn everything about Search Engine Optimization and how it helps you reach as many potential customers as possible by giving your website or platform a solid dominant position in the google search results for your product or service.

Linkbuilding, backlinks, trustrank ... are just a few terms that you master after this course. From social media to Google Analytics and moving on to Mobile SEO, this course offers a total package of essential knowhow for the modern marketeer and business owner.

SEO Content Marketing
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